About Us

Picture of Hilda Gigioli, President of Roccomar, Inc.Hilda L. Gigioli established Roccomar, Inc. in May 2001. Roccomar focuses on providing software development, software support services, systems engineering and systems integration to government and industry. Ms. Gigioli, who brings over 25 years of software development expertise to the business, leads the company as a high quality software service provider.

Picture of Andrew Pfiester, Vice President of Roccomar, Inc.Her business partner since 2007, Mr. Andrew J. Pfiester, who brings over 20 years of operational and technical experience in air defense and command and control systems and acquisition support, assists Ms. Gigioli with the detailed operations of the company. Roccomar's technical support services empower clients to plan and execute their projects effectively and efficiently.


Ms. Gigioli and her staff have extensive experience on a wide range of projects for the federal government. Federal agency involvement includes:

• US Air Force
• US Army
• US Marine Corps
• US Navy
• Joint Staff
• Department of Energy
• Brookhaven National Lab