Brief Description

Roccomar, Inc. Seaport-e Contract #: N00178-14-D-8051

Award Date: March 10, 2014

Seaport-Enhanced (Seaport-e) is a $5.3 billion multiple-award umbrella contract that lets the US Navy use an integrated approach to contracting for support services.

The 22 functional service areas within the scope of the contracts include:

  1.      Research and development support
  2.      Engineering system engineering and process engineering support
  3.      Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support
  4.      Prototyping, pre-production, model-making, and fabric support
  5.      System design documentation and technical data support
  6.      Software engineering, development, programming, and network support
  7.      Reliability, maintainability, and availability support
  8.      Human factors, performance, and usability engineering support
  9.      System safety engineering support
  10.      Configuration Management (CM) support
  11.      Quality Assurance (QA) support
  12.      Information System (IS) development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) support
  13.      Inactivation and disposal support
  14.      Interoperability, test and evaluation, trials support
  15.      Measurement facilities, range, and instrumentation support
  16.      Logistics support
  17.      Supply and provisioning support
  18.      Training support
  19.      In-service engineering, fleet introduction, installation and checkout support
  20.      Program support
  21.      Functional and administrative support
  22.      Public affairs and multimedia support

Quality Assurance

Roccomar’s Quality Assurance process involves comprehensive use of checklists collaboratively developed with costomer involvement for all deliverables. Using this approach, Roccomar can focus attention on high risk items by customizing checklists to align with unique product attributes and customer concerns, while ensuring routine items are not overlooked. Roccomar incorporates initial training for new personnel and ongoing training for all personnel, and management oversight to ensure procedures are followed. Customer feedback is an essential part of the Roccomar Quality Assurance plan, so Roccomar will include Quality Assurance as a topic for all Program Management Reviews coducted with the customer.

Copy of all task orders

Task Order # Date of Order Technical Instructions issued against task order
0001 10 March 2014 None






List of all team members and their capability/area of expertise


Company Capabilities
Miranda, Inc. System Engineering of Air Defense Systems, System Architecture Design and Development, Requirements Analysis, Data Fusion Algorithm Analysis and Development, Tracking Systems Design, Analysis, and Development, Combat ID Systems Design, Analysis, and Development, Tactical Data Links Operation, System-of-Systems Interoperability Design and Analysis, Real-Time Systems Development
Delta Resources Provides Financial Management and Program Management Support, and Information Technology services.
Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc. Provides Systems Engineering, Acquisition Support, Operations Analysis, and Executive Decision Support.
RNB Technologies Competencies include: Systems engineering, space and missile defense analysis, Data Link interoperability, C4ISR, Operational Test & Analysis, data collection, exercise planning, sensors, SME liaison, Program Management, Information Technology, Information Assurance, and Software Development.

Points of contact for information related to the SeaPort program

More information regarding Seaport-e can be found
The Roccomar Point of Contact for all Seaport-e matters is Mr. Andrew Pfiester. The alternate is Ms. Hilda Gigioli. Click contact us for more information.